Spring Must Haves!

The last month has been filled with some exciting stuff, but that’s no excuse for ignoring my Two Sips updates. While I have been completely MIA on my blog, I’ve been doing my best to keep up with Instagram, so at least I have that going for me. Around mid-April, yours truly competed in her very first weightlifting competition. & yes, I’m being completely serious. While I didn’t come out victorious, I felt like it was a win for a lot of other reasons. Although, I do feel like I should’ve received a metal just for showing up in that horrible spandex singlet. The month of April was also a big month for Noah and I because we found ourselves a cute little home! We won’t be moving far- just a town over- but it’ll be a welcomed change to renting.
The spring shopping fever has not subsided through any of this, however, so I have plenty of purchases to share in upcoming posts. I also have SO MANY items on my wishlist this season, which is what I wanted to dedicate this post to!

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