Knotted Detail

I’m not really sure where this trendy little detail came from, but I’ve been really drawn to the knotted-front dresses and skirts. As far as I can tell, it’s almost entirely decorative and serves no real function for most garments, but it looks so darn cute. It’s actually a little reminiscent of how we used to tie sweatshirts and flannels around our waists in the 90s.

In the case of this shirtdress, the knotted front detail adds some extra visual interest, and maybe even some more flattering drape in the hip/thigh region. Besides this adorable detail, the dress comes in this pretty burnt orange color, which makes it a dream dress for the fall season. I chose to pair it with ankle boots, but I think it’d look great with some tall brown leather boots and some thigh-high cream colored socks underneath. The fur vest was a must, since the morning was pretty chilly. The necklace was a last-minute add-on that wasn’t really necessary, but I had just bought it at Urban and I was way too excited to wear it.

This dress is currently available at Anthropologie and comes in two colors! It’s call the Bloomsbury Tie Dress.

I also poked around a bit on the website to see if I could find any other knotted front styles, and I came across this adorable dress: Tied T-Shirt Dress.

As for the faux fur vest, try this one by BB Dakota.

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