The No-Brainer Outfit

No matter how fashion savvy you might be, there will always be days when the motivation is just not there to put together a well thought out outfit. However, this doesn’t mean that it has to be an all-out sweatpants fest either. There’s a happy medium between a killer outfit and wearing your pajamas in public, and I call it the “no-brainer” outfit.
The no-brainer outfit will be different from person to person, because it all depends on what you’re most comfortable in, and what you have readily available in your closet. Your personal go-to outfit will be made up of pieces that you tend to collect, so you’ll be able to make different versions of the same outfit. To better explain this concept, I’ve broken down my own go-to outfit:

  • Lindsay’s no-brainer outfit:
  • Solid colored buttonown, usually made of a soft/comfortable fabric. I also tend to like these buttondown shirts to be on the longer side, in case I want to throw on a pair of leggings instead of pants. >> try the Gap 1969 Denim Tunic
  • A novelty vest, usually fur, leather or printed. I think vests are just the perfect addition to an outfit- they’re functional during the colder months, and they really tie everything together when you’re wearing a mix of solid pieces. >> try this amazing Anthropologie Buffalo Plaid Vest in these gorgeous neutral colors.
  • A pair of skinny jeans, usually a stretchy high rise that I can move comfortably in. You just can’t go wrong. >> try these amazing Mother Jeans High Rise Looker Skinnies
  • A pair of ankle boots with a low to mid heel, that I can easily walk all day in. For me, this type of boot might be more comfortable than sneakers. >> Try my one and only Sam Edelman Petty Ankle Boot
  • It also never hurts to throw on a long necklace or a bolo tie for some added style. Just don’t think too hard about it- remember, we’re going “no-brainer” here. >> Try Free People Crest Pendant

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