Winter Handbag Pick

As some of you know, I’m always selling clothes, shoes and accessories that I no longer wear in order to make room for new goodies. If I wasn’t constantly doing this, my closet would be stuffed to the brim and I would probably be broke.

Some weeks are more lucrative than others, for reasons that are unknown. I tend to sell a bunch of my things in one week, and then the next week I sell nothing. Recently, I was able to sell a fair amount of things, which opened up some funds to buy some new fall and winter accessories that I’ve been eyeing.

Some of you might have noticed that I’m usually a one handbag kind of girl. I take my time to research a bag, and then I’ll hunt it down for a great price. I tend to wear one bag for a whole season and then I’ll find something new (or maybe revisit an old favorite that was special enough to keep around.) My summer bag was that brown Madewell Eaton bag with the leopard calf hair pocket, and then my fall bag was my big leather hobo with long fringe. Loved both, but it’s time for the next bag to rotate in! I bit the bullet and bought a Rebecca Minkoff Jealous Tri Zip Satchel, because I found it for a great price and in a perfect winter color.

I’ve always lusted after the Balenciaga City Bag, because well, it’s everything I love rolled into one: fine craftsmanship, beautiful leather and the perfect dose of edgy and chic. However, since it’s a luxury handbag, it’ll set you back over $1,000 for the large version. Needless to say, I will probably never own that bag. But, since finding my new Rebecca Minkoff, I’m totally okay with that. It’s got all of the qualities of the City Bag, but at half the price. This bag isn’t cheap by any means, but if you scour eBay (like I did) and the moon and the stars align, then you may also get to purchase a beautiful RM Tri Zip handbag for just under $100.

Rebecca Minkoff Jealous Tri Zip Satchel in the color Eggplant

This guy seems to be sold out everywhere, but check eBay! You might get lucky like I did!


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