Cyber Monday!

Cyber Monday might be one of my favorite “holidays” of the season. Even though I worked my normal 9-5 today, I will still consider it a holiday. Cyber space was just BURSTING with great deals today, and you better believe I took advantage of a few of those. My rationale for today’s purchases is that now is the time to buy the things I’ve been eyeing, because I may not see a deal like this after today (& besides, everything is returnable or sellable!)

I tend to watch the price and availability of the items that I want for a while before I commit to buy, so I definitely knew I was getting a good deal on the things I bought today. Here are some of the items I’m especially excited about:

Novella Royale Black Hazely Janis Bells: Regularly $139, purchased for $75

UGG Carberry Boots: Regularly $225, purchased for $80

A&F Sherpa Lined Military Parka: Regularly $200, purchased for $80

And I got this really sweet area rug for our living room! Regularly $432, purchased for $110


Happy Cyber Monday to you and yours! 😉


Outfit info:

Coffee T-shirt >> Nordstrom

Tomgirl Distressed Jeans >> American Eagle

Oversized Knit Cardi >> TJ Maxx

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