As a continued introduction to my blog, I wanted to chat a little about my thoughts on shopping, and the ways in which I try to stay on trend without breaking the bank.

I’m your average twenty-something gal, working her 9-5, hitting the gym hard after work, and trying to maintain a healthy diet. In those rare moments of downtime, it’s super important for me to spend time doing things I genuinely enjoy. To some, shopping may seem like a shallow hobby, but I have loved and valued it for as long as I can remember. I consider myself a very visual person, and having my own style and following fashion trends has really helped satisfy my creative needs. I’m fascinated by trends, and I find myself obsessing over certain looks that really speak to my style. This pertains to both wearable fashion, and interior design/décor. It’s become a fun challenge for me to replicate the looks I love while staying within a reasonable budget. My last post was a good example of this, and it sums up how I’ve turned shopping into a hobby: First, identify current obsession. Second, go out and hunt for said obsession, while not draining the bank. The third step is obviously to bask in the splendor and satisfaction of a job well done, and to strut your stuff in your newfound threads.

For me, the mission doesn’t end here. In order to keep this cycle going and to fund my hobby, I utilize the power of resale. Ebay and Poshmark are my go-to sites, but I’m opening accounts on some new sites like Depop. I’m even looking into opening my own little store on my blog! It’s a great way to clear out the clothes, shoes and accessories that are oh-so-beautiful but are just not getting the love and wear that they deserve. The money I make is almost always spent on my next fashion must-have.

I may dedicate a blog post to discussing selling techniques and a little step-by-step guide to reselling. Let me know if that’s something you’d like to see!

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