The Benson Retreat


After a relatively smooth 3.5 hour drive to New Hampshire, we made it to the Benson beach house! For the car ride, I packed a bunch of snacks that were perfectly weighed and measured according to my macros (I can go into more detail about flexible dieting in another post), but all of that has already gone out the window. That’s all thanks to guacamole, tortilla chips and some amazing homemade NH ice cream. I’m not going to lie- it was totally worth it.

As for the day’s activities: today consisted of laying by the pool, grilling burgers and veggies, and catching up with friends. I’m already relaxed. Tori got these adorable shirts made for our retreat, so we’ve been wearing them all day like some kind of weird adult summer camp. I love it.

Tomorrow the crew is piling onto the Benson’s boat and cruising to Kennebunk, ME for a day of great views and delicious lobstah rolls.

Stay tuned for photos!

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