Packing Part 2

It’s just about 10pm now, and I just finished up packing. I was pretty exhausted after spending about 2 hours at Crossfit after work, then coming home to make dinner. I also did a little kitchen cleaning, because I hate coming home to a dirty apartment after a trip. I was also procrastinating, because I find packing clothing and shoes to be kind of stressful. I try really hard not to overpack, but then I have a fear of not being prepared. How do you choose just 2 pairs of shoes when you have about 6 outfits?? It’s just mind-boggling.

I was going to do a fun post about everything I’m packing, but right now I’m just recovering from the whole experience. You’d think I was leaving for a month by the way I’m talking about this. I’ll try to put up all of my outfits from the trip during the next week, so that you can see the clothes in action instead of just hanging out on the floor in my bedroom!

My approach for packing today was to commit to 4 or 5 entire outfits, and then just mix and match if I choose to. This is not exactly revolutionary, but this idea of packing in outfits makes things way easier than shoving a bunch of separates in a bag and hoping for the best. I also picked out a few of my most versatile necklaces to bring, and of course my core-four bracelets.


IMG_8930 (1)


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