End of Summer Plaid

Just the mere thought of this summer weather fading away is enough to sour my mood. I really love being able to make quick exits in the morning, leaving the apartment in a tank and shorts and not worrying about all of the extra time involved in dressing for cold weather. Don’t get me wrong, I do like fall weather- it’s crisp and cool, and is the perfect temperature for a cute leather jacket, plaid buttondown and jeans. It’s the season that comes after fall that really doesn’t agree with me. After last winter, I swore I would have a ceremonial burning of my winter coat.

This week especially, I’ve noticed that my morning and evening walks with Kit have felt much cooler. Yesterday, we took a walk around the neighborhood around 7pm, and I had to grab one of my oversized plaid shirts to throw on over my tank and shorts. It was a cute look, but it made me kind of sad at the same time. Looks like it’s almost time to pull out those sweaters and flannels from my underbed storage…

What I’m wearing:

>>Oversized Flannel: I bought this guy from Forever21 a long time ago. It’s still holding up really well. I like the oversized, boyfriend fit because it makes it feel like more of a jacket. It looks like Forever21 has a ton of plaid up on their website right now, so it’s the perfect time to snatch one up. Here’s a nice long plaid that seems like it’d work well as a top layer.

>> Free People Seamless Crop Top: I love this top, but it’s certainly not for everyone. This particular style doesn’t really offer any options for undergarments because of the fit and the low back. Not to fear! Free People has a ton of other tops in this seamless style, many of which would accommodate a larger chest. I’m wearing this top, but here are some great alternatives available: Net-Back Muscle Tank & Cut Out Neck Long Sleeve Top.

>>Vintage Levi Cutoffs: You’re probably wondering when I’m going to stop wearing these shorts. Let me just defend myself by reminding you that summer is coming to an end here in Connecticut, and I’m trying to get as much wear out of them as possible before I have to retire them to the summer clothing graveyard (aka underbed storage bins.) I regret not finding a pair of these in black. Maybe if these go on sale, I’ll buy them in preparation for next summer.

>> Sam Edelman Petty Boots: I need to just give a quick shout out to the team at Sam Edelman, for designing some super cute, comfortable, & low-heel ankle boot options. Yes, I realize they are not reading my blog, but these shoes are still worth the shout out. The Petty Boot is my holy grail boot. I can wear these all day and have no issues at all. I plan to collect this style in more colors once my funds allow for it. Check out how many colors there are!

>> Ray Ban Blue Mirrored Aviators: This pair has definitely earned the title of “best sunglasses of Summer 2015.” I just love the pop of blue that it adds to every outfit. The mirrored sunglasses are really hot right now, so there are a ton of options, even if Ray Bans are out of your budget. You can always count on Urban Outfitters for having trendy, inexpensive sunglasses. Check out these beauties & these aviators!

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