My Favorite New “Accessory”

I wanted to do a little unveiling of my newest “accessory.” I’m using quotes here, because it’s obviously not something that I take on and off each day, but it’s something that I will always wear.

When I was 18, my dad and I went to a local tattoo shop together and got our very first tattoos. It was cool to share that with him, and to know that he welcomed my desire for self expression. For several years following, I added another small tattoo to my collection around my birthday. This year, I decided to go bigger.

I found an awesome tattoo artist in New Haven, and a great little shop that I will definitely be recommending to others (Lucky Soul Tattoo). Bronwyn drew up my tattoo based on what I told her during our consultation. I wanted something that resembled a vintage botanical illustration, focusing on making it pretty and feminine. It was also important to make it fit and flow nicely on my inner bicep. Boy did she deliver! I even opted for color, which I wasn’t planning on, but I’m SO glad I did. She went for muted, vintage-looking colors (olive and soft mauve.) She totally nailed it.

Overall, I’m pretty thrilled. I hope you guys like it, too. 🙂

P.S. Hi Mom! I hope you like it! I’m just happy to have such supportive parents who have always encouraged me to be my own person and to [tastefully] express myself.

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