Leather Season

I feel a great sense of satisfaction in owning quality leather goods. Just a note: I don’t mean to upset anyone who may be vegan or is ethically opposed to the use of animal products, however this is one material that I can’t deny loving.

Quality leather lasts a lifetime. It’s the only material I know of that just keeps getting better with age. This is why I don’t mind investing in some higher priced items like my Muubaa leather jacket, Frye boots, Liebeskind belt, designer handbags, etc.

I’m linking some of my current favorites below. They may not be exactly what I own, but they would be high on my list if I were ever in the market for new pieces.

Muubaa Biker Jacket >> I’ve been obsessed with Muubaa for a long time. Their jackets are normally made with a really soft and beautiful lambskin leather. Everything down the hardware on these jackets are just perfection.

Frye Lace Up Boot >> I’ve always had my eye on Frye lace up boots. I’ve only ever owned the traditional Harness style and the short shaft western style boots. Both are classic Frye, but there’s something really wonderful about these lace up leather boots. They’re a bit more feminine and sophisticated.

Liebeskind Belt >> Lieseskind has got some great leather products. I fell in love with their belts and have since been introduced to their handbags (dangerous!) Their accessories are actually super affordable, so check out the site if you’re in need of a new everyday belt.

Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag >> Admittedly, I do not own this bag anymore, but I did at one time. It’s quite heavy, due to the studs, but I loved it so much because of the buttery soft pebbled leather. I needed to give it a shout out, because this bag is seriously beautiful and edgy and everything good about handbags. I just needed something a bit lighter for my everyday bag. Miss you, Diego.


In case you missed my Instagram photos- here are the first shots of the season featuring this gorgeous Muubaa jacket. Many more to come.





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