The New “Mom Jean”

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post confessing my love for high rise jeans. I find them to be the most flattering fit for a few very important reasons. If you missed the post, I’ll get you up to speed:
Mid to high rise denim does a great job at smoothing out the mid-section and preventing any muffin top situations. It also helps to avoid that feeling that your pants are halfway down your butt when trying to pick something up off the ground. Aesthetically, I think high rise jeans give a really nice shape to the body (specifically in the derrière region.)
I’ve been very pleased to see that, within the last year or so, the 90s “mom jean” style has made a comeback.

Over the summer, I thrifted a pair of vintage levi’s, but found that the fit was a bit too exaggerated for me. I really did look like I was a child wearing my mother’s jeans circa ’95. Since then, I’ve been hunting for a pair of the “reinvented mom jean”- basically, it stays true to the general style but fits slimmer and the denim often has a bit more stretch to it (I found that the stiffer the denim, the more frumpy the fit is.)

Today I was sporting a pair of jeans that I picked up from Urban Outfitters. They call this style the Girlfriend High Rise Jean, and I absolutely love the fit. It’s slim, yet relaxed, with a serious high rise and a slight crop at the ankle- all of which I believe are the qualities of an upgraded mom jean. I was a little disappointed to find that Urban only offers this style in 2 blue denim washes, because I really wanted a washed black or grey pair for the fall and winter. Needless to say, the hunt continued for a second pair in a dark shade.

I checked ASOS because I had a feeling they’d be pushing this trend, and I totally hit the jackpot! Look at these awesome washes:

White // Light Wash Distressed // Side Trim Detail // Washed Black [BINGO!]

And that’s not even half of them! If you happen to be totally on board with this trend like I am, then I suggest going onto the ASOS site and searching “mom jeans”. You’ve got your pick of awesome washes and distressing, all for under $100.



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