Fall Florals

As usual, mother nature is playing her seasonal games. Last week was freezing (hence my frantic winter coat hunt), and this week the temps are back to the upper 60s, so I’ve been running around jacketless! I even opted for a little floral midi skirt today, which was a nice treat. It got me thinking about florals, and how they can be quite seasonal depending on the color scheme and even the types of flowers in the print. In the fall and into the winter, I love dark-grounded floral prints with muted or autumnal colored flowers. In the spring and summer, you know I’m all about those white-grounded florals with bright and lively colors.

During some of those end of summer sales, I was able to find some floral printed pieces that I knew would transition perfectly into the fall season. One of those items was this midi length skirt. I knew it would look cute with booties, and would pair nicely with a slouchy sweater or t-shirt. Today, since it was warmer, I was able to throw on a comfy t-shirt and a denim vest.


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