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The deeper I get into the world of fashion blogs, the more I start to think about the direction of my own blog. I’ve made a lot of observations in the last few months about the kind of content and photos that I see from other fashion bloggers. I’ve had the pleasure of following some really talented and stylish people, and I try to consistently support their content. On the other side of things, I’ve also seen a lot of bloggers take a rather unoriginal approach, which I always find a little disappointing. Where’s the fun and interest in seeing blog after blog posting essentially the same content? The beauty of fashion is that it’s the perfect outlet for highlighting your own unique style and creative eye.

I often use the hashtag #reallifestyle on my instagram posts. I do this because when I started this blog several months ago, my intention was to create honest, real content for my readers. Everything I post on my blog are items that I’ve purchased with my hard earned money. I’ve purchased these items because fashion [and shopping] brings me a great deal of happiness, and I truly enjoy creating content to share with others. I like to think that my wardrobe and product suggestions are accessible to my readers, and I always want it to be that way. What this means for my blog and my instagram account is that you’ll see me repeating pieces [and outfits! GASP!] I will always try to link the items that I wear, or at least well-researched alternatives to offer when items are no longer available.

I guess this post is just a little reminder about what Two Sips of Coffee is all about. I’m just a real girl, with a real love for fashion, trying to find a little time in her busy schedule to share that love with anyone who cares to listen! 🙂

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