Winter Classics

Want to know what’s really difficult to do? Trying to drastically reduce your sugar intake when you (a)work for a snack food company that makes delicious cookies and snack bars, and (b)are a total cookie/pie/dessert monster during the holiday season. This is my current struggle. During the summer, it was a lot easier to keep my sweet tooth at bay, but now that it’s winter, I’m in full hibernation mode. Give me all the sweets and comfy clothes! I’ll worry about my figure when oversized sweaters are no longer season-appropriate.

Speaking of sweaters… I came across a winter favorite of mine this morning while rummaging through my closet. A few years back, I found this ampersand sweater at Madewell- first, I just love that there’s a big ampersand on it, and second, the colors and the fit are just perfect. It’s this pretty pink/peach color with white lettering. It’s just so perfect to throw on with a pair of blue jeans (which is exactly what I did today.) True to my seasonal style, I chose my distressed “tomgirl” jeans from AE. I don’t normally purchase jeans from American Eagle, but this pair was hard to pass up (& super on sale at $30!)

Note: when I started this post, I thought I wouldn’t have any trouble finding alternative ampersand sweaters to link for you. Turns out, that is false. I was able to find this crewneck sweatshirt and this [mens] sweater. So it seems that people are kind of over the whole ampersand thing, but I’m not, so I’ll be rocking this baby for the third winter in a row! Holler!

Tomgirl jeans from American Eagle (size down- they stretch quite a bit)

Petty Ankle Boots by Sam Edelman

Alternative to my Anthro Baztan Tote (sold out): Try this gorgeous leather handbag 

IMG_2236 IMG_2240IMG_2232


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