Shapeless Can Be Chic

There’s something really wonderful about shapeless clothing. On a hanger, it looks terrible, but if worn right, it can be incredibly chic. It’s kind of like working with a blank canvas, and it definitely takes some work to turn it into something flattering.

I recently purchased a cotton midi dress from Forever21. I was drawn to it because of the black and white stripes, the high neckline and the sleeveless cut. You know, just a few of my favorite things. The only problem with this dress was that it was only available in a size too large and hung like a weird, shapeless sack on my body. It gave me no definition whatsoever. So why did I purchase this dress, you ask? Because it’s my little fashion challenge, and I knew I could make it work. Oh, and besides that, it was only $14.

If you find yourself in this same situation of purchasing a seemingly unflattering garment (or if you’ve always wanted to wear a potato sack around town) then I’d like to offer a few tips on how to make it work.

A jacket or a vest. As obvious as this seems, it’s the best addition you can make to a shapeless outfit. Not only can this piece completely drive the look of your outfit, but it does an amazing job at hiding any unflattering parts of the dress or tunic. However, don’t go picking up any old jacket or vest. This piece should be cropped to about your hips and should have some attributes that will define the general shape of your waist. A little moto vest or a denim vest is the perfect addition to a shapeless dress, and has always been my go-to.

Zip Front Moto Vest // Draped Faux Leather Jacket // FP Denim Jacket

A vintage or cool looking belt. Belts are not just for keeping your pants in place- they’re a great option when trying to jazz up a boxy dress. I’ve been obsessing over the B-Low Bri Bri Double Buckle Belt, and I can’t wait to style this with a loose little dress and a pair of booties. There’s no need to go with such a wide belt, though. You can knot a thinner leather belt for a cool and flattering look.

Black Rock Western Belt // Bri Bri Leather Belt // Hidden Treasures Belt

Own the shapelessness. Yes, you do have the option to just roll with the boxy look of your dress or tunic, but be sure to make it look intentional. A really cool little trick that I’ve found with shapeless maxi dresses is to take the bottom part of the dress and knot it. It picks up the bottom in a cool, sort of bohemian way. What I mean by “make it look intentional” is to style the outfit in a way that is clear that you didn’t just throw it on. Layer up some cool bangle bracelets, style your hair in a boho updo, and add your favorite leather booties. Now that’s chic.

Constellation Cuff // Dolce Vita Kara Booties // Statement Bib Necklace

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