How To: Style a Denim Skirt

So you’ve got a denim skirt that you’ve been dying to wear, but you’re unsure about how to style it without looking like your 12 year old self. Fear not, my brave fashionistas, I’m here to give a few style tips on this adorable denim skirt trend.

I was lucky enough to find this Free People button-front denim skirt at a Lord & Taylor sale, for under $20. It fit like a dream, and inspired me to come up with a few different outfits based around this perfect little skirt. The outfit that I chose for today’s post is entirely Free People, and all of the items are currently available online. I’m fully aware of the price tag that comes along with a head-to-toe FP outfit, but if you’re as budget conscious as I am, then there are always cheaper alternatives available. Let’s also not forget about resources like eBay and Poshmark when looking for these items for less.



  1. The Scoop Suit $58 >> This is the perfect opportunity to pull out your favorite bodysuit! A skirt that hits higher on the waist will meet the bodysuit at tiniest part of your waist, making for a slim and smoothed out mid-section. I also happen to love the boatneck on this particular bodysuit, because a little shoulder and collar bone action can be quite sexy.
  2. Button Front Denim Skirt >> If this particular skirt is no longer available when you’re clicking the link, then I’ll tell you what qualities to look for in an alternative. Find a softer denim with a bit of stretch, but still structured. It should sit higher on the waist, and be snug enough to stay up and in place (but not so tight that it feels restricting.) I happen to love the button details, and the angular pockets on this skirt, but focus more on the right fit and wash.
  3. Sun Bleached Cuff Bandana $28 >> Bandanas and neckties happen to be one of my current obsessions. Whenever I put one on, it feels like my outfit is complete and instantly on-trend. It’s something so simple that can make all the difference (especially with jeans and a tee.)
  4. Best of the Best Hard Bangles $28 >> Since the neck is accessorized with the bandana, a necklace isn’t needed. Bangles are always a nice little touch when you’re looking to dress up an outfit slightly. If bracelets aren’t your thing then I might try a belt with a coordinating metal, but I wouldn’t do both together (one too many accessories.)
  5. Laguna Distressed Saddle Bag $148 >> You can’t go wrong with a rich leather bag. This cross body saddle bag is a nice addition, and just the right size to not overpower the outfit.
  6. Venture Ankle Boot $198 >> These boots stood out to me because of the cool woven and buckle detailing, and the low-to-mid heel. If these are too spendy, then focus more on the neutral color and general style of the boot.


Now I can’t wait to wear this skirt again!


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