Well, it happened. I completed another year of life, and am now a ripe 26. Just like every other year, I woke up this morning and thought, “hmm, that’s strange, it doesn’t feel like my birthday.” I realize that this is a really stupid statement, but for some reason I always expect to feel something special on my birthday. Does that happen to anyone else?

After checking my face for wrinkles (only kind of kidding), Noah and I fueled up on breakfast and took on the rainy streets of downtown Montreal. We decided to take advantage of the exchange rate, and pick up some things at Lululemon. I want to be clear here: I am 100% a bargain hunter, BUT this does not change the fact that I appreciate a well-made product and will splurge on items that I believe are worth the investment. Lululemon makes some really durable, flattering and comfortable athletic gear, and I like to splurge on their clothing every once in a while. I walked away with these really comfortable cropped pants that I plan to wear as an everyday-type bottom as opposed to something I work out in.

Next up was Artizia, which is somewhere I liked to shop while living in NYC. It happens to be their big summer sale right now, so naturally I was all over that. I LOVE that they organize their sale section by color- it makes sale shopping so much more enjoyable and efficient. I decided to pick up a Tulula jumpsuit, which may end up making me look like a mechanic, but I somehow convinced myself that this was a necessity for the fall. We shall see.

My last stop was Sephora, to pick up my free birthday gift, and some of my favorite Makeup Forever foundation. This year’s birthday gift is a set of Nars lipstick pencils, which I applied before heading out for dinner tonight. It’s actually a perfect combination of a gloss and a lipstick, and it goes on super smooth. I will probably end up purchasing these in the full size and in different colors once I finish the samples.

And on a final note: I am writing this blog post as I recover from an incredibly delicious birthday dinner at Lawrence in Montreal. The weather cleared up toward the end of the day, but it got a bit chillier, so I decided to throw on my favorite pair of jeans and a comfy short-sleeved sweater. You guessed it: comfy and casual!

Top: Sanctuary purchased from South Moon Under

Jeans: Citizens of Humanity Rocket High Rise

Shoes: Sam Edelman Petty Boot

Necklace: Lucky Brand long pendant

Bag: Madewell Eaton Bag



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