Brand Rediscovery: The Gap

It’s easy to get into a groove of shopping the same brands over and over, especially if they keep putting out product that appeals to your personal aesthetic. I’m guilty of some serious brand loyalty myself, and it’s apparent in many of my outfit posts. These days, I’m making a concerted effort to vary my brand-base, especially for the purpose of keeping Two Sips of Coffee fresh for my readers! In doing so, I’ve had the pleasure of rediscovering some brands that I used to shop frequently, but along the way had lost my interest for one reason or another. I’ve gotta say, I really love being surprised by the old favorites.

Gap and Banana Republic have come back into the spotlight for me, due to really strong early fall assortments and some seriously good sale finds. I had checked out Gap earlier in the week, and I was pleasantly surprised by their new transitional fall pieces. I picked up a pair of comfy printed joggers (on sale for $29.99!) I was so happy with my purchase that I plan to return for these marled zipper joggers, which will look so cute paired with one of their chambray buttondowns. There were a ton of styles that I immediately decided that I needed. Included in those styles were:

And believe me, there are many more things I have my eye on in both GapFit and Gap Body.

Stay tuned for my next post,  where I’ll show you some of the goodies I picked up at Banana Republic.


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